Increase Lean Body Mass And Weight Loss

So, you are looking to increase your body mass index through exercise and healthy weight loss. It is important to make sure you contact your doctor to make him or her aware of your life style change, your goals and to help assist you in finding a way to accomplish those goals that is healthy for you. BMI, or Body Mass Index, can be defined as the ratio of a person’s weight to their height (kg / m2).

weight-loss-dietThe National Institute of Health uses BMI to define underweight, normal weight, overweight and obesity. It is important to be realistic about your health and weight loss goals. There are many people that are in healthy normal weight, or even underweight, and still believe that they need to lose weight and lower BMI. This is not a healthy outlook.

Because Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement taken of a person’s weight divided by their height, then as a healthy person starts to gain more muscle mass, there BMI might start to go up. This could happen to body builders or people interested in building Lean Body Mass. Again, your weight loss goals should be discussed with your doctor to insure and maintain a healthy practice.

If you are interested in increasing your lean body mass there are several things that you could do. First, Lean Body Mass (LBM) can be described as body weight that isn’t fat. So, if you are interested in healthy strength training and body building, as your muscle mass increases so will your LBM or Lean Body Mass.

Fit bodyIt is great that you are inspired to make a positive change in your life. Maintaining a healthy weight, along with healthy eating and regular exercise will have many positive impacts on your life. It can help to boost your self-esteem and your general well-being.

Some people want to take it a step farther and increase their Lean Body Mass through strength training. A great way to do this is to get in touch with a personal trainer of who will help you to reach your goals. Personal trainers are trained professionals that help a person meat their exercise goals. Most people have either had experience with a personal trainer or have seen one depicted on television; they will keep you motivated and help you to reach your goals. They are also great because they will provide you with valuable feedback along the way and they will help to hold you accountable for the goal that you set. They will make sure that you maintain and accomplish your fitness goal; you can think of them as a fitness coach. Best of luck with your future!